I pinned it and did it. Vinegar stain!

If you’ve never heard of vinegar and steel wool stain- you’re in for a treat!  When developing our basement we went with the reclaimed silver wood effect but quickly realized how expensive real reclaimed wood was!  After a quick pinterest search I was pleased to find this project that got my creative juices flowing.  Fast forward to finding a console that could hold the ugly cable box/ PS4/Xbox I set off to ikea with no idea what I was looking for.  Cue the IKEA RAST night stand.  This $19 gem could hold the 3 eye sore’s without intruding on my feature wall, but it needed to be finished…Project!



Mail Attachment-1


After one coat of vinegar/steel wool stain.  I felt it needed to be darker/ more grey so decided on upping the wood tannins using cheap orange pekoe tea.

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After one coat of tea and Vinegar Stain

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Finished product!

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Project Cost

$19 Ikea Rast nightstand

$3 steel wool

Vinegar and orange pekoe tea from pantry.  About 1 cup of each

Total $22!

What do you think?






February 23 2016 Reply

This is fantastic! Good job!

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