Pantone ColourS of the year!

For the first time ever, Pantone released TWO colours of the year and how much fun are they?  Rose Quartz and Serenity, or baby pink and blue are the ON TREND colours for this year, but how do we use them?  Many of us are still suffering through the pain of the dreaded rose carpets and blue porcelain palace bathrooms of the 80’s and have no idea how to make these colours work outside our nurseries.  Thankfully, many talented interior designers have used these colours in some awesome (and recent!) spaces and many retailers are more than happy to supply.



In this Houzz kitchen, the classic kitchen gets a sophisticated punch with blue cabinets- the perfect calming colour for an ordinarily crazy space.  Paint those outdated oak cabinets or incorporate these SMEG appliances for some beyond the builder style.


Can’t commit?  A couple strategically placed showpiece small appliances can add that touch of style without breaking the bank


Rose Quartz is the perfect colour for that luxe bedroom.  Blush bedrooms have long been a showroom go-to of mine.  Incorporate a variety of textures and a show stopping wallpaper to take your room room from granny to fabulous!

KHL-Showhome-16 Master-BedroomWEB1-725x465



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