Easter Brunch Tablescape

Happy Easter!  If you’re one of those families who do Easter Brunch, here’s the perfect festive tablescape for you!  If you’re into this kind of thing, you’ll hear just about everyone tell you THIS is the time break out the fine linens (i.e.. tablecloth,) but I’m just not one to do the tablecloth thing.  If I’ve spent all this money on a nice table- why should I cover it up?  I much prefer natural wood with fancy napkins and my trusty charger plates.  I decided to go out of the box and use 2 sets, one as a “place mat” and another as a cute little bunny (thanks Martha Stewart!)  Instead of my usual silverware I pulled out this “crystal” flatware instead to freshen up the table and let a little spring in, I just love it- and hope you do too!




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