Valentines Day flowers

I love my husband, I really really do.  I’d take him over anyone, even someone who knows EVERYTHING about flowers (which I also love.)  But, he buys grocery store flowers.  I can’t complain, they’re lovely and I actually got flowers for valentines day instead of the “I don’t do Hallmark holidays” or “I don’t need someone to tell me to say “I love you”” nonsense that most  [lazy] men throw out there to get out of doing something nice for someone (oh the humanity, right??)  However, grocery store flowers do lack that…beauty, that real florists are able to accomplish.  And charge for.   So if you have the best husband in the world, with the very best intentions, and have a lack-luster grocery store bouquet that you’d like to make pretty, here’s a simple DIY for you!

Grocery Store Bouquet.



Step 1.

Dissasemble the flowers.  Throw out the green filler.  The best way to go at it is by colour groupings.  I chose the red mums as the centre as they are the largest and have the most impact.  I find it easiest to arrange them in your hands instead of into a vase.  You’ll be cropping quite a bit of stems so be mindful of any flowers that will be too low and snip them off the stem, set those aside for later.

Step 2.

Crop.   You don’t want to see any stems past the top of the vase so be prepared to crop quite a bit.  Make sure any leaves that are below the water line are removed to prolong the life of your flowers.  I also like to add a drop or two of bleach which will kill the flower rotting bacteria that like to flourish in the vase water.

Step 3.

Fill.  Take your “too short” flowers and see if there is anywhere they can fill.  I like to set a few aside for a bud vase- or in this case a mini-valentine bouquet for our daughter.



Step 4.

Grouping!  Follow the interior design golden “rule of 3” and group together your new arrangements.  I had received a single rose from work so these 3 worked perfect for a cute new Valentines day arrangement!




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