I pinned it and did it! Drawer Slides

As a self proclaimed pinterest addict, I thought I’d start a new segment called “I pinned it and did it!”  Pinterest is crawling with the very best ideas for home decor, organization and improvement.  It’s also entirely user-based, so some of the very best ideas can turn into the most epic fails.  Follow me as I test out some of interests most pinned DIY projects!

Today I’ll guide you through one of life’s little luxuries- soft close, full extension drawers.  Highly sought after by me and anyone who’s built a house before 2012, these awesome drawer slides let you gain access to the nether regions of your kitchen drawers and close much nicer than the old fashion drawers.

The Pin











Here’s pictures of my spice drawer with the old traditional hinges, the ones that make reaching the back of your spice drawer a frustrating task.














So the first task was the find my new hinges on a budget. The pin was from a store that doesn’t ship to Canada so my first stop was to homedepot.ca where I quickly became disheartened at the $53 price tag.  A quick google search lead me to my new favourite project store Lee Valley.  $17! I’m in!  The store employees were super helpful and I had multiple men ask if I needed help while I waited a mere 3 minutes for the nice gentleman to fetch the slides from their warehouse.

The instructions were painfully easy to follow and the fact that my existing screws worked perfectly along these drawer slides saved me the step of drilling new holes into my cabinets, so all I had to do drill the slide mechanism to the inner side of the cabinet box and the outer side of my drawer.

















A spice drawer that opens fully and closes neatly- what more could a girl ask?



We’ll put a big easy  ✔️ next to this one.  I pinned it and did it!




December 11 2014 Reply

I love this! I’d like to DIY some sort of pull-out for my cupboards, they are so deep I have to pull everything out to get at the CrockPot in the back. I bet these drawer-pulls, plus a remnant shelving piece from the as-is section of Ikea would get the job done..

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