Chair restoration DIY

During one of my many #Cathysdeals trips to Habitat for Humanity, I came across this chair and thought- zomg! $50!  This is exactly what I need for my living room.  It wasn’t exactly a vision of beauty but I just knew I could make this work.

(I got so excited to rip this thing apart that I forgot to take a before picture in it’s original state so this is a couple minutes after I started to dismantle it)


Step 1 Deconstruction.

I couldn’t wait to tear off the musky smelling fabric and hopefully be able to figure out what I needed to do to reconstruct it afterwords.  All it took was a my handy Stanley™ pliers and a Screwdriver (ok, I used the drill- but only cause I have a thing for power tools) and I was all in!

Step 2, Spray painting.

I thought a flat black would look good with the rest of my furniture and happened to have a can in the basement so bonus money-saving! One coat seemed to get the job done, but to be honest, a second coat would have been good- but I was pretty sad when I sat down in my brand new car in the garage to learn that the new car smell had suddenly been replaced by spray paint fumes so I just called it a day.

Step 3.  The Back cushion.

Turns out button tufting the back wasn’t as terrifying as I thought it would be!  I managed to salvage the back cushion and backer board so I had a pretty good template for re-upholstering.   I hot glued my new grey upholstery from Fabricland onto the existing buttons and worked my way wrapping the fabric from the centre outwards and was so pleased with how it turned out!  I was a bit worried about over stapling the back fabric so I decided No More Nails- Instant Grab™ would be the easier way to go.


Step 4. The Seat

The seat cushion wasn’t so bad but I thought- maybe I’ll replace it anyway, after all, it was a bit musky… So I purchased a new cushion from Walmart and cut it down by tracing the wood seat frame.  The rest was pretty easy- Staple the crap out of it!  I did the flat front side first and worked my way evenly to the back where if I screwed up- it wouldn’t show!







After I re-attached it to the chair frame, I thought it needed a little something, so out came the decorative upholstery nails!



The Reveal!

I’m so happy with my new chair!  My husband can’t believe I winged it on all aspects and it came together looking like it was made for our living room.  I guess it was- by me!





The Budget

Chair- $50 habitat for Humanity

Paint- $2.50 Walmart (previous purchase)

Seat Cushion- $6.47 Walmart

Fabric- 1 metre @ $14 Fabricland

Decorative Upholstery Nails- 2 pkgs @ $2.59 each

Total- $78.15- Score!






Tannis C. Lavik

December 12 2014 Reply

Awesome job Cathy!!!

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